The Smart Buy vs. Rent Calculator

Unlock Your Dream Home Without Regrets: The Ultimate Buy vs. Rent Calculator

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Why Choose Our Buy vs. Rent Calculator?

Are you tired of the uncertainty, stress, and sleepless nights when deciding to buy or rent a home? We understand your pain – the fear of making a wrong financial decision can be overwhelming. You're not alone; many have been in your shoes, searching for answers in all the wrong places.

Online calculators, endless discussions with your loved ones, and YouTube videos might have given you some information, but they lacked the clarity you needed. You were left in limbo, not knowing whether to buy or rent. It's a tormenting situation, but it's one you can leave behind.

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This is how the smartest Buy vs Rent Calculator works:

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Why Should You Get This Buy vs Rent Calculator?

An alarming 92% of today's home buyers are grappling with deep regrets following their home purchases. Frequently, these regrets stem from insufficient education about the impending costs. Many made emotional rather than rational decisions, only to find themselves trapped in a situation where their homes dominate their finances, leaving them 'house poor.

93% of homebuyers have regrets about purchasing a home in 2023 and nearly 2 in 3 homeowners have struggled to pay their mortgage since purchasing a home. These are the Most Common Home Buyer Regrets in 2023

What Are The Benefits

Financial Clarity

The calculator provides a clear, side-by-side comparison of the financial aspects of buying a home versus renting. It helps you understand the immediate and long-term costs associated with each choice, allowing you to make informed financial decisions.

Reduce Stress

Over 71% of millennials find the home buying process stressful, and 44% say it has negatively affected their personal relationships. Our calculator simplifies the decision-making process, reducing your stress by comparing the costs of buying and renting.

Avoid Regrets

By weighing the pros and cons of buying a home in your specific financial situation, the calculator helps you avoid common homeowner regrets, such as high-interest rates and unexpected costs.

Here Is What You Get

Buy vs Rent Calculator

Decide Between Buying or Renting

Our calculator simplifies the complex choice between buying or renting, providing you with financial clarity to make confident decisions and avoid future regrets. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned renter, our calculator ensures you're on the right path towards homeownership, aligning your financial goals with your housing choices.


Understand Your Total Investment

Whether you're contemplating buying or renting, our Calculator helps understanding your total investment. It offers clarity on the financial implications, helping you make wise decisions regarding your investment, whether it's in a purchased property or a rented one.


Calculate Your Ongoing Ownership Costs

Gain control over your homeownership journey by using our Smart Ongoing Costs Calculator. This tool empowers you to calculate and understand the ongoing financial commitments tied to homeownership, allowing you to budget with confidence, plan for the long term, and stay financially prepared.


Find Out Your Home Appreciation

By examining the historical appreciation of similar properties with our calculator, you gain essential insights for making informed real estate decisions, whether you're buying or selling. This information enables you to gauge the potential returns on your investment and make more strategic choices in the dynamic real estate market.

Calculate Your ROI

Calculate Your Return On Investment (ROI)

With our Buy vs Rent Calculator, we offer you a powerful tool to calculate your home's Return On Investment (ROI). This means that you can accurately assess the financial performance of your property, whether you're considering buying or renting. By comparing the costs and potential returns associated with each choice, our calculator ensures you make well-informed financial decisions and plan for a future that aligns with your goals.

Understand Your Mortgage Payments

Understand Your Mortgage Payments

Our calculator is designed to help you demystify the world of mortgages. By using it, you can gain a clear understanding of the costs and financial commitments associated with home loans. Our tool provides insights into your monthly mortgage payments, interest rates, and the total cost of your loan. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions and take control of your homeownership journey with confidence.

What's Included In Our Buy vs Rent Calculator

  • The smart Buy Vs Rent calculator, which provides a clear understanding of all the financial aspects of buying a home versus renting, like the immediate and long-term costs associated with each choice, allowing you to make informed financial decisions.
  • In-depth set-up tutorial, so you can ensure you are set up for success and optimal insight
  • Continuous support so that you can get your questions answered
  • Lifetime Access so that you can rinse + repeat the calculator forever! (PLUS ACCESS TO ALL ENHANCEMENTS AND UPDATES)

Meet Laura Moreno


Meet Laura Moreno, the host of The First Time Home Buyer Podcast (over 200,000 downloads) and the creator of the Buy vs Rent Calculator. Laura's mission is to empower first-time homebuyers and revolutionize the world of real estate. With a background as a former real estate agent and the insights she's gained from her podcast, Laura has the knowledge and connections to guide prospective homebuyers effectively. Her vision is all about putting the homebuyer first, addressing a common industry issue where profits often come before people. Laura believes that homeownership represents the American Dream, with the potential for wealth-building and housing security. Yet, she knows that the path to homeownership can be challenging. That's why she's committed to providing support, fairness, and trusted advice throughout the entire journey. Laura Moreno is your partner in making the dream of homeownership a reality.

The Complete Guide to Buy vs Rent

The Smart Buy vs. Rent Calculator

Unlock Your Dream Home Without Regrets: The Ultimate Buy vs. Rent Calculator

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